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Communication as a leverage
for your business!

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Increase people's interest

Icons - Video Walls | QMAGINE

Value your products

Icons - Video Walls | QMAGINE

Attract more customers to your business

Make an impact through Video Wall

Video Wall is nothing more than two or more displays positioned close together, to give the impression of being just a large display that will show a part of the content in a synchronized way.


This system can be composed of retro projection cubes, professional LCD or LED monitors, stacked in a modular way, forming a single video matrix.

  • Encourage
    buying decisions
  • Set yourself apart
    from the competition
  • Save material
    production costs
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Digital communication

Also known as the Display Wall, Video Wall is an excellent digital communication tool, and can be presented in different formats. Its main objective is to attract the attention of the public.

This is a fantastic Digital Signage solution for your business and for the visibility and awareness of your brand to become a reality!

QMAGINE - Video Wall


Our displays elevate the conventional viewing experience through multimedia content to their customers. With the best image quality on the market, these displays bring your brand, company or business to life and enable you to deliver innovative content that engages, informs and entertains.

One of the key components of a Digital Signage project is the display. It is through this that different contents are presented.

Video Walls | QMAGINE

Digital Signage makes your business
more interesting, which increases sales.

Unique customer experiences

The focus should always be on the customer. Going beyond actions and projects, companies must establish strategies that create better customer experiences and to differentiate themselves from their competitors.

With all the technological development that we have been following, visual communication is one of the forms of communication that has had the most impact on users.

Video Walls | QMAGINE

Digital Menu Boards

Menu Boards is a digital menu that continues to transform the communication of restaurants, bars, coffee shops, stores, among other commercial spaces. Digital displays are a unique opportunity for homeowners, as they enable them to display products and services on different media, in a more attractive and interactive way than the traditional one.

Innovation changes behaviour and currently there are new and different ways to improve and exploit communication. New technologies have taken on an important role, allowing the use of image to be made in a more attractive way.

Video Walls | QMAGINE

Advantages of Menu Boards

Icons - Video Walls | QMAGINE
Easy and convenient
price editing
Icons - Video Walls | QMAGINE
Attractive and effective
Icons - Video Walls | QMAGINE
Flexible, versatile
and strategic programming
Icons - Video Walls | QMAGINE
Reduction of
printing costs
Icons - Video Walls | QMAGINE
Modern and pleasant
Icons - Video Walls | QMAGINE
Collection of
statistical data

Perfect immersion!
Performance and dynamic content.

Advantages of using Digital Signage

Icons - Video Walls | QMAGINE

Customization of
layout and design

Icons - Video Walls | QMAGINE
digital content
Icons - Video Walls | QMAGINE
Icons - Video Walls | QMAGINE
Fits the context
and audience
Icons - Video Walls | QMAGINE
Reduces perception
of waiting times
Icons - Video Walls | QMAGINE
Collection of
statistical data
Icons - Video Walls | QMAGINE
Simple to use
and quick to update
Icons - Video Walls | QMAGINE
on investment

Attracting, informing and retaining the consumer is,
certainly, a good bet!

Give visibility to your business! Modernize your space with displays.

With Digital Signage solutions, you will be able to capture the attention of your target audience with engaging images, highlight a product on sale and the consumer can consult more detailed information.

Inform, influence and advertise

The QMAGINE Sign Digital Signage solution is flexible, comprehensive and designed to meet the objectives of your brand, company or business. The benefits and modes of use are manifold regardless of your business activity.

Opting for Digital Signage and Video Wall means creating new interactive experiences and further involving the target audience in what is being communicated.

Video Walls | QMAGINE

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