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QMAGINE - Adapts to context

Adapts to context and audience

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Advertising and Entertainment

QMAGINE - Content spread

Content spread

Menu boards

QMAGINE Menu Boards is a digital menu that continues to transform the communication of restaurants, bars, cafes, stores, among other commercial spaces. Digital displays are a unique opportunity for owners, as they allow products and services to be displayed on different media, in a more attractive and interactive way than the traditional one.

  • Reduced
    dropout rate
  • Better service
  • Perception of the
    waiting time
QMAGINE - Menu Boards

Video wall

The Video Wall is nothing more than two or more displays positioned close together, to give the impression of being just a large display that will show a part of the content in a synchronized way. This digital signage system can be composed of rear projection cubes, professional LCD or LED monitors, stacked in a modular way, forming a single video matrix.

  • Modernize the environment
    of sales
  • Greater efficiency
    in service
  • Optimization of the
    process service


One of the fundamental components of a Digital Signage project is the Display. It is through this that different contents are presented. A display is a device that presents information, visual or tactile, acquired, stored or transmitted in multiple ways.

  • Disclosure of
  • Captivating information
    and entertainment
  • Complements and replaces
    tradicional posters
QMAGINE - Displays

Digital led

The integration of LED technology is a growing trend in commerce and retail.

Light and transportable, DIGITAL LED is the most suitable communication tool to communicate and attract the attention of customers and visitors.

DIGITAL LED, is a high definition digital signage solution, which aims to boost pharmacies, stores or commercial spaces.

  • Versatility in
  • High impact
    and attractiveness
  • Increased brand
QMAGINE - Digital signage

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Digital Signage Video Walls

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