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Queue management
with ticket dispensers

This is a complete queue management solution that responds to all service settings, regardless of business areas.

This service system can comprise a basic or an enterprise solution, and can involve different players. Not only do we provide the service through ticket dispensers, but also through a mobile application, which in a quick and intuitive way, will facilitate and optimize the attendance/ queue management.

  • Reduction of
    withdrawal rate
  • Better quality
  • Reduced perception
    of waiting time
Queue management with ticket dispensers

Single queue management

This system doesn’t use ticketing and is distinguished by its efficiency in queue management. Besides, it is based on a “first to come, first to be attended” logic. With one queue/ service for multiple counters, the single queue system is one of the simplest models for managing queues.

Whenever a service desk is free, the operator presses the call button, and the number of the service desk available for service is shown on the display. It’s a perfect solution for commercial stores, airports and pharmacies.

  • Service by
    order of arrival
  • Perfect for
    quick services
  • Simple and easy
Single line queue management

Multi-queue attendance management

This is a multi-queue management system, ideal for multiple counters.

After the ticket is requested at the ticket dispenser kiosk, the customer will be alerted when its his turn, indicating which counter to go to.

Multiple line queue management

Personalized tickets

The tickets issued by the PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS kiosks can be customized according to the client’s brand or graphic identity. The personalization of tickets helps to have a more effective and more interesting representation of the queue management system implemented in the establishment.

You can customize the logo to be displayed at the top of the ticket, display the service and ticket number, and also place one or more warning or thank you messages to customers.

Custom Tickets for queue management

The printed originality

Since the tickets emitted by the kiosks of PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS are designed and customized according to the needs of each client and project, this is the ideal opportunity to distinguish yourself from the competition. At the same time, you can pass on an innovative and creative message in the tickets themselves.

Custom & personalized tickets for queue management

Additional systems

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