Queue Management solutions

Queue Management, Digital Signage and Corporate TV

QMAGINE - Queue Management, Digital Singnage, Corporate Tv

Advantages of using
Queue Management Solutions

QMAGINE - Organized service

Organized service

A simple, fast and functional way of serving the public.

QMAGINE - Reduce waiting times

Reduce waiting time

Reduce waiting times and improve the quality of service for your customers.

QMAGINE - User experience

User experience

Improve your customers' experience through evaluation systems.

Create a smooth
attendace process

We live in the age of technology, with more demanding and conscientious citizens, who want more quality, speed and efficiency in services. An easy and practical service process, improves efficiency and allows the creation of credibility to your business.

  • Reduce dropout
  • Increase service
  • Perception of the
    waiting time
QMAGINE - Queue Management, Digital Signage, Corporate Tv

Ticket Dispensers Kiosks

Waiting in disorganized rooms is one of the main reasons for a customer to give up on a service. With the ticket dispensing kiosks, the wait will be organized and effective, resulting in customer satisfaction.

  • Better organization
  • Greater efficiency
    in service
  • Optimization of the
    service process
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Statistical data

Through our statistical data collection and analysis service, you will be able to monitor and manage your performance, transforming comments into data analysis.

Intuitive graphs and tables help to identify problems and discover causes, in order to validate future improvements and effortless actions.

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Queue Management
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